Monday, December 1, 2014


Dear Readers,

I derive a lot of pleasure from seeing "review copies" find permanent homes.  In this case, they are homed by being reviewed.  Here are some of Galatea Resurrects' ex-review copies at the homes of their reviewers!

P. Inman's WRITTEN 1976-2013 in Steve Dickison's home.

SJ Fowler's THE ROTTWEILER'S GUIDE TO POETRY in Tom Jenks' home.  Tom
says the reader is "his daughter's totemic toy, gifted with multiple voices 
and dangerous occult powers."

NIck Montfort's #! in John Bloomberg-Rissman's home.  John writes, "Here's 
Nick Montfort at home. Before you ask why all the books around his have
 authors who name starts with M except for the Freud I want to tell you that 
the Freud isn't really Freud, it's what Simon Morris has done to the text 
via a randomizing computer program."

Michelle Detorie's After-Cave in John Bloomberg-Rissman's home.  John 
writes, "Michelle Detorie's, which is on the top of this pile, is not yet at home. 
This is where I left "her" after writing the review. She'll be transferred to her 
shelf later this afternoon. But she's in good company, the gray things 
are pamphlets from MASS MoCA Anne Gorrick sent me, and the poster 
on the bottom is by Howard Finster."

Sonnets by Anonymous in John Bloomberg-Rissman's home.  John says he 
had to pull out the book since it has no spine, and put it in front of other books.
Its location among authors whose names begin with "H" offers a clue as
 to Anonymous' identity.

Kristin Hatch's THE MEATGIRL WHATEVER in Heather Sweeney's home.

Elizabeth Alexander's LIFE, Hoa Nguyen's RED JUICE, Brian Blanchfield's
SEVERAL WORLD and Jennifer Moxley's THE OPEN SECRET at Patrick 
James Dunagan's workplace at Gleeson Library for the University of 
San Francisco (not home),which is where he conducts most of his 
reviewing activities.

Susan Lewis' STATE OF THE UNION on Marthe Reed's desk at home.

Louis Armand's Indirect Objects atop a cabinet in Pam Brown's home.  A second
 image of wine bottles is featured below because its publisher Vagabond 
Press made wine labels for the book launch in Sydney.

Finally, here's my image--some of the 24 books I review in this issue.  I usually place the review copies in a temporary holding space, such as in this photo, before they are shelved in my poetry library:

In Eileen Tabios' home: Linda Hogan's DARK. SWEET. NEW & SELECTED POEMS;
Reb Livingston's BOMBYONDER; Michelle Detorie's AFTER-CAVE; Hsiang Yu's 
SALSA; Janet Stickmon's CRUSHING SOFT RUBIES; Richard Berengarten's 
MANUAL and IMAGEMS 1; and Joseph Massey's TO KEEP TIME. (Another 
book, EURYDICE'S SONG, is keeping them company as I wanted to 
review it but ran out of time.)

But I'll end with showing Nick Montfort's #! at home right on my messy working desk.  I think it's a great compliment when a work inspires new work and Nick Montfort's #! has done that for me, helping me generate a new book manuscript entitled THE CONNOISSEUR OF ALLEYS.  Thank you, Mr. Montfort!

I hope you enjoy seeing Poetry in the Homes!

Eileen R. Tabios

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